We've developed expertise for touch screen projects of your industry.

We carry out tailor-made projects or we personalize our applications according to your needs. We also have our own selection of indoors terminal and are able to provide you the best options of outdoors terminal on the market.


Floor plans integration

Individual and business index

SMS or QR code route transfer

Website data integration


Queue management

100% cloud-based management software, easy to use

Management access levels for your employees

Powerful statistical tool giving your managers better support

Interface accessible via a secure web address

System linked to our digital signage software

Different sizes of touch screens available

Queue management

Secure environment for iPad

Improve reception

Allow your customers to browse in a secure and supervised environment

 Secure environment for iPad


Maximize the distribution of your content

Present quizzes, games, or other information in a fun way

A team that works with you to develop your project from design to installation


Innovation is at your doorstep and we have everything you need to make your project happen.

Clients that trust us

We are content driven

Use our designed and animated templates that you can customize in seconds or save time with our turnkey content.

Content driven - Axés sur le contenu

Hardware for all your needs

Whether you already have your screens or are starting from scratch, it's easy for us!