Digital signage inInternal communications & HR

Mobilize your staff

Mobilize your staff

Share the company’s events and activities.

Communicate goals and results

Use our automated templates to share your key performance indicator, production goals, and results.

Inform your employees

Communicate important company-related information (collective insurance, social club, training, etc.).

Staff motivation

Highlight your valued employees by recognizing their years of service, their birthdays, their achievements, etc.

Involvement in your community

Share your sponsorships and other local initiatives with your employees.

Standardize your communications

Share information by sector and reach every shift.

Digital signage captures the attention of 78% of people who are exposed to it, and 4 times more than a conventional poster.

Share quality content in real time on as many screens as you want.

Clients that trust us

We are content driven

Use our designed and animated templates that you can customize in seconds or save time with our turnkey content.

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Hardware for all your needs

Whether you already have your screens or are starting from scratch, it's easy for us!