Digital signage, do it yourself?

January 13th 2022

Digital signage is eye-catching and as an entrepreneur it is very likely that you will be intrigued and even charmed by this way of communicating with your customers or employees.

At first, many tried to make the technological shift by purchasing screens in a supermarket to broadcast content using a USB key.

It might take a while, but you'll quickly realize that your time is more valuable than climbing a ladder to change a promo, a price, or worse, the end of a slideshow. For this media to work, the content must be changed regularly and if you have a restaurant, you should not wait for your visual to print before changing your price.

Are you a graphic designer or have you an eye for design?

Are you comfortable with Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint? Yes? That's fine, are your employees also able to take over this task if you had to delegate or replace a colleague on vacation? Let's also talk about the final result, is it really convincing? Do you respect your brand image? Have you also thought about managing your screens from another office or from home?

First of all, if you are not a graphic designer and do not know the standards, your content could be unattractive and it could even harm your brand image. Unprofessional content can have a negative impact on customers and could even lose credibility with your employees and/or customers.

In addition, the renewal of content, which is essential for the success of this media, can be complex and laborious if the resources responsible for your screens are no graphic designers. It is essential to work with simple tools that support the visual aspect of your digital signage.

The advantage of using digital signage software like the one of Attractif is that you can change your content quickly, remotely, and this in several screens at the same time, create loops of varied content both with images or videos. You can also see the status of your screens in real time and even more...

Our advice, make sure you opt for an easy-to-use digital signage software, otherwise, you will spend too much time climbing a ladder and plugging USB keys!

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