Factory digital signage, a strength!

March 23rd 2023

Increasing factory productivity with digital signage is feasible and motivating for the majority of employees.

Plant managers know the performance of their employees and adjust accordingly. Transmitting relevant data to each area of the plant can be motivating for employees.

Productivity information provided by the intranet, or information printed on paper are good communication tools, but not all employees consult the platform via their electronic devices and read the printed matter. Strategically placed digital signage screens allow this same information to be transmitted effectively.

What about the ability to update our information with just a few clicks and deliver messages to employees up to the second. An informed worker becomes a more engaged worker.

The dynamic display via screens makes it possible to disseminate productivity data in the factory. It is possible to link a visual displayed in the screens to a GoogleSheet in which the managers enter the data. They are automatically broadcast live to strategic areas of the plant. The possibilities are almost endless for the employee to feel engaged in the company.

What about occupational health and safety awareness? In the factory, this is an important issue and prevention can bring positive results in terms of work accidents. The dynamic display makes it possible to broadcast capsules on occupational health and safety and even to display the number of accidents that have occurred weekly, monthly or annually. These capsules are visible in the factory and remind the importance of being vigilant and safe.

For the plant's human resources department, digital signage on the screen allows it to transmit its important messages to everyone, but also to highlight an employee's years of service, to highlight the arrival of a new employee , posting internal positions, advertising activities, in short, there are many possibilities for communicating skillfully with the majority of employees. Using digital signage, broadcasting employee recognition will show that you care.

Attractif has designed several visual templates in which you only have to enter the data or your texts and photos/videos to design a new visual and easily insert it into the screens concerned.

It is with pleasure and rigor that we invite you to look with you at all the great possibilities of display on screens available to you. We are able to guide you through all the steps so that your dynamic display is optimal and meets your expectations.

Consult our experts now.

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